The Style Guide: “Comfortably Dressy”

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It will never go out of style - it looks exactly like the dress I wore 30 years ago! October 13, at 7: Rachel, I always love it when you discuss wardrobe.

Shop our plus size women's dresses for daytime casual, cocktail evening and black-tie formal events.
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Shop our plus size women's dresses for daytime casual, cocktail evening and black-tie formal events.
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Thank you for this. I need to try this ASAP. Can you come to my house and help me?!??!! Thanks so much for this! This is so timely. Love your blog and have been following for quite some time but never commented before. You inspire me, nonetheless. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. I am doing a major purge of clothes. I tried consigning some items but it was not worth the effort.

This last batch was too nice to take to the Goodwill, so I put them on Freecycle. Someone picked them up that day and she even emailed me to tell me that the clothes worked for her. And, by the way, I love cashmere. I definitely prefer classic clothing to trendy. I also have always believed in buying quality items over cheaper ones. I would rather have a closet with a smaller amount of high-quality clothing. When I was a teenager I bought a beautiful wool and angora black cardigan sweater that was hand washable—I hate dry cleaning!

That sweater was very expensive, but think of all the years of use I have received out of that one classic piece. Thanks for clothing inspiration! I tend to stay home a lot, cook and clean a lot, and often get stains on my clothes.

If I changed and rinsed out a shirt every time I got a stain on it, I would probably end up changing more than I do if I just put on new clothes for going out. I actually like the idea of housedresses too not mumu styles, though — cute dresses that are made in durable fabrics — I think that this would be my solution instead of having clothes that I wear at home and to go out.

I have been enjoying all your posts on style and living with a smaller wardrobe. Not quite back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes.

After that I plan on taking a good hard look at my wardbrobe and making better choices here on out. As of last week I am officially out of my maternity pants Praise the Lord! Though I had to talk myself into the dress pants originally, I have found in the last 2 days that wearing nicer clothes has put my brain in a better place and I enjoy it!

Thanks for the tips to make this a wardrobe way of life and not just this size of clothes. This is a great article and all of the tips are very good. That said, I am perfectly happy with wearing PJs all the time. But I am cheap, and I prefer clothing that I can wear in the office and also on the weekends.

One wardrobe for the most part. During the workweek I might wear my tops with nice slacks, and on the weekends I might wear them with shorts. I think with age I have just gotten better at picking the fabrics I know will hold up and be the most comfortable and easy to keep up.

Oh, I absolutely love this post!! I also wear a lot of jewel-toned tanks and not the skimpy ones with cardigans. Sometimes the cardigan are neutral, sometimes in a bright contrasting color. I switch things up with my shoes and accessories, and I try to focus on buying colors and styles that look good on me.

I just edited my wardrobe for the 6 th time in 1 year. I finally got 4 seasons on one bar— yay. I uses to shop a lot and took perfectly good trendy clothing to consignment every 3 months. I also lot-ted and sold my maternity clothes and wedding dress. I am very careful now when I shop and put a lot of thought into each piece— no more retail therapy here. My style is leaning toward classic with a trendier siloullette love my gray skinny jeans.

I appreciate fashion but have chosen to stay within the lines— it looks better on me and my wallet. I love your style though; you always look so pulled together. I, too, prefer the comfortably dressy style, but shopping for it is quite a challenge! First — thank you for linking to that post! Second — I so agree that it does NOT take that much more time to dress up a bit. I wear a lot of solid colors too. Then I just jazz it up with a scarf or a cute necklace.

Participated in Project last winter, and it completely changed my relationship with clothes. Now my closet is lighter, and has only items I really like. My spirit is lighter, too. And I spend WAY less time trying to figure out what to wear. Where do you shop and where do you find quality clothes that last?

You have fabulous style. However, I definitely need reminding to improve the wardrobe to make it more functional and easier to have things that look great without much thought or effort. Hehe, I will probably have a little more splashes of colour and patterns, though, since I do have an affinity for ethnic prints, jewelry, etc. But, classic, plainer basics are perfect foundations for any style!

Something to definitely strive for. Loews Lake Las Vegas. I live in very few pieces and love them. I like to be trendy though, so I buy a few inexpensive pieces each year and I usually wear them out, which is o. I work really hard to not wear yoga pants and a grungy t-shirt every day, and make an effort to put on makeup every day! I think it can be totally practical for being a mom I have a 2 month old. I wear comfortable dresses, and cardigans are the new burp cloths! Congratulations on your little one!

I am still wearing long open styles I bought when working with a toddler, losing weight, they saw me through my second pregnancy and still look good on me a few sizes bigger with this baby now a toddler. I cleaned out my closet and took an inventory. This was so very helpful. We recently moved overseas and most of the women look so pulled together…. It has inspired me to really rethink my own wardrobe and slim it down. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Looking forward to the shopping guide. What a wonderful blog you have! I discovered it a month ago and I have been reading it from the beginning — I also bought your Simple Blogging book and it was an eye opening book to me — so, thank you! Where do you find good quality clothing? What stores do you recommend? That would have a Canadian counter part. This is so true. The thing that struck me was that they had only one small wall with a built in closet unit and no dressers.

After we returned, I started clearing out my own wardrobe and I discovered what you already know. The less you have to wear, the more you have to wear.

All of my clothes are in my small, non walk in closet…. If anyone took the time to actually document what I have on, they would go about three days before they would reach a duplicate piece. I like to stay away from fads but choose pieces that are different and unique. And of course, no dry cleaning, ironing, or science projects here!

My clothing is pretty easy to wash, wear, and maintain. Thou Shalt Not Covet. Rachel, I always love it when you discuss wardrobe. This is so much fun! If the blouse, sweater, jacket or pant is not cut JUST right for my body, I will never want to put it on no matter how perfect the color or the fabric is.

It is taking me quite some time to figure out what really works best for me. I would love to see you a do a post on how you wear scarves throughout the year. My European transplant friends almost always wear scarves and look so sophisticated. Also, I do like your style and see it in my wardrobe. I love a tailored look. I also make some of my skirts, which is so nice to pick the exact color and style that will be a workhorse in my wardrobe.

I have some chestnut-colored tropical weight wool waiting for the next one. Thankfully am already set with great accessories as my sister-in-law gave me some great advice and helped me pick out a few classic key statement pieces a number of years ago.

I just need to find the clothes to go with them. Denim to be exact. Goes with lots of things and is rough and tumble enough to survive day to day living. As I was reading this, I was agreeing with much of what you wrote. As much as this inspires me, I am so not there yet. Maybe it is bc I live in Colorado and my typical day involves so much activity.

I cannot imagine not wearing yoga pants almost every day especially with toddlers and babies around. Maybe someday I will grow up and I will actually have the desire to dress well.

Until then, lululemon is my best friend. This summer I found a small fabric shop with the most beautiful fabrics from France and Scandinavia. So I can wear nice clothes for cooking, and then just remove the apron. And yesterday I opened the door in my apron, and the post lay actually complimented me and asked where I had got it.

My clothes used to be catagorized, and the result was 4 separate wardrobes and unseeming piles to manage. As a teacher, I was tailored. The key seems to fall with selecting a uniform 3 piece outfit and 3 piece embellishment format for every outfit everyday.

Each item I purchase also needs to be wearable for every role excepting fancy occasions, house scrubbing, or specific events. The upgrade of a shoe vs sneaker or tights and boots also establishes an outfit worthy of self respect and public viewing. Years ago I encountered the fly lady who extolls the virtue of getting dressed to shoes every day for establishinging efficiency in keeping a home, her lessons are well worth checking out for all new mothers.

First of all, I loved your ebook. It really helped me as I transitioned to a new website that would allow me to expand from where my original blog. I keep going back to my Nook and reading info again! Perfect post and validating. I am a teacher and have always tried to have a comfortable dressy style.

It have never been quite right for me to wear the current fashions with my middle school students. I lean toward comfortable, washable, and outfits that I can dress up with sparkly add-ons. Plus, the styles are guaranteed to make for adorable photos while still being cozy enough to make kids feel comfortable. Site Design by EYStudios. Girls Baby Girls Clothing.

Girls Size X Clothing. Girls Tween Clothing. Boys Clothing 4 - My Account Sign Out. Above the knee length can be worn as a short dress or pair it with leggings and wear as a tunic. Maternal America Strapless Cocktail Dress. This sophisticated cocktail maternity dress has a flattering empire bustline. Just above the knee length.

Elastic at the top of the bust and just under the bust for the perfect fit without any zippers or hooks. A sexy holiday or special occasion dress. We love the form fitting cut and flattering stripes of this maternity dress by Lilac. It also looks stunning as a non-maternity option so you'll have it as a wardrobe option for years to come.

Elastic ruching along the sides long sleeves. Fabric is a nice heavier weight Ponte which helps camouflage any imperfections. Made in USA Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Gorgeous golden zip details add sparkle to the hip area. This dress was spotted on Gwen Stefani, so it is sure to be a quick sell out!

Favored by Kate Middleton! This dress is made in a soft silk like jersey so you won't compromise on comfort. The stunning front knot creates ultra-flattering gathers over your bump, with a chic V neckline that works perfectly for nursing. V-neckline simply pulls aside for breastfeeding.

Tees by Tina is a "non-maternity" brand but we have found that their amazing pieces offer so much all over stretch as well as incredible recovery that they work beautifully for pregnancy and will become a wardrobe staple for many years to come. The dress is a one-size-fits-most, size 4 through 14! This textured dress is also idea for packing on a trip A one-piece way to impress! Stretchy fabric covers your bump while pregnant, retracts back to fit your slimmer shape after baby.

Visually slimming pattern hits just above the knee Flattering scoop neck One size fits most really! Getting dressed has never been this easy! The Bandage Dress features a streamlined silhouette that complements any occasion.

Looking for an amazing summer dress that is perfect for a dressy occasion? This one is perfect! The ruffle faux wrap dress is gorgeous, designed in a weightless fabric that is feminine and will help you stay cool on hot summer days.

Perfect dressed up for your own shower, a wedding, brunch or church but can easily be worn for more casual occasions with cute flip flops. The dress is double layered The empire waistband is beautifully gathered and the straps are wide enough to be bra friendly.

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