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Nursing tops and camisoles: These tops have convenient flaps that allow you to breastfeed easily and discreetly. Some of the camisoles are very supportive and can function as a bra and top in one. Nursing pillows: Specially designed to support your baby while you're nursing, these can help you avoid straining your shoulders or neck during feeding sessions.

I have seen mums do it in public buses and in public places. I think, since breastmilk is the right of a child, breastfeeding in public should be encouraged praveen State:

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Nursing tops and camisoles: These tops have convenient flaps that allow you to breastfeed easily and discreetly. Some of the camisoles are very supportive and can function as a bra and top in one. Nursing pillows: Specially designed to support your baby while you're nursing, these can help you avoid straining your shoulders or neck during feeding sessions.
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Breastfeeding's getting more popular in Hong Kong but public nursing's rather uncommon. People are really shy here so most breastfeeding moms either bottle feed expressed milk in public or do it at home/in nursing rooms at malls.

Around the beaches, it's interesting that for the most part people are fine with toplessness, however when it comes to feeding they are uncomfortable. This is shifting slightly but it's slow NZ is even more conservative and discreet, and I haven't spoken to many over there who fed past 6mths.

Many more women who are able to are feeding to 12mths in Syd as far as I can see, and mostly it's the older generations who frown, and the mid-younger just aren't used to it yet unless they've done it themselves I'm glad, proud and feel privileged to not only have been able to breastfeed, but to have never been afraid to feed my child in public.

Victoria I knew a woman who fed all her babies 6 of them til they were 5. I thought it awesome. But generally speaking breastfeeding is not popular where I live. I was grateful though to have other women to breastfeed alongside when I had my first child. Having that fellowship was wonderful. Then with my 3 younger children I have known less bfeeding mothers but I have seen an incline in breastfeeding in public, i.

Women are very discreet with breastfeeding but not to cover or hide. Others probably don't notice. Babywearing can help once you learn how to feed in a sling. Slings are quite popular now. Bare breasts are generally seen as a sexual thing which is weird to me!

But yes they are largely used in advertising perversely. As you may know, here in Australia, public attitudes re breasts and breastfeeding in public are much rhe same as in the USA. However community acceptance of breastfeeding in public has grown a deal over the last 20 years, fortunately, especially if done discreetly. Sydney I have to say I am absolutely astonished at the status of breastfeeding in the US!

Here in Australia breastfeeding is encourage by all health professionals and you are given lessons in hospital after giving birth to your child. I always assumed that a country like the US that sees itself as being socially, economically and technologically advanced would have a deeply entrenched culture of encouraging breastfeeding which is by far the best way to nourish a child in its early months or years.

I breastfeed wherever I find myself and expect people to accept this. I have never experienced any strange looks or embarrasment because of it. During coverage of hurricane KAtrina I have read two accounts of mothers being distressed because they were "forced" to breastfeed due to lack of formula! Please please American sisters and brothers help to spread the news that breastfeeding is the BEST way to look after your baby! Copyright — www.

Small breasts Large breasts Being flat-chested Sagging breasts Breastfeeding Wonders of breastfeeding Wonderful breast milk Is breastfeeding a sexual act? Breastfeeding in public Breast vs. Breastfeeding in public around the world This is a collection of notes about attitudes towards public breastfeeding in different countries around the world. West Africa I was priviledged to visit the country of Benin in and again in I was with a group from church doing a 2 week dental mission trip along with missionaries who served in the area.

As a Lactation Consultant, I was thrilled to see the public breastfeeding especially out in the villages that were more remote where we held clinics. Around the village, most women felt free to go topless as they went about their chores of daily living. Breasts were not considered sexual objects as they are here in the US; breasts are for breastfeeding. Women did cover up when coming to clinic or going to church, but there was no hesitation whatsoever when it came time to nurse her baby.

The most special mom I witnessed was when we were going around visiting and praying with local villagers, was a mom with twin toddlers. When we went to pray, she got on her knees, latched both twin toddlers on to keep them quiet and bowed her head in prayer. I went on to share with others, it was literally, "Breastfeeding Heaven"! Southern In Southern Egypt, most women don't breastfeed in public due to religion. It's not that breastfeeding is frowned upon It's actually encouraged and not breastfeeding is sometimes frowned upon , it's that it's not encouraged in the public.

Aminah Breastfeeding is very natural in my country - you even see it in tomb paintings. All the women in my family and my friends' families breastfeed. My mother suckled me, my brothers and sisters whenever we were hungry, even if it was in public - she always kept her breasts covered. We were all nursed for around 2 to 3 years which is also normal here , except for my youngest brother she is now still breastfeeding - he is almost 4 years old.

When I have babies, I will also nurse them as long as they want. S Egyptian women can't try beastfeeding in public because of our habits, and beside this, it's forbidden as our religion tells us. Ahmed Moustafa Beautiful breastfeeding pictures around the world collected by BosomBuddies. A woman is nursing while chatting with Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela.

Breastfeeding pictures across time and cultures collected by ygaloupint. Ghana Ghanaians see breastfeeding the surest and purest way to nurse a baby. Wherever you are, no matter what u are doing, you are expected to feed your baby if the need arises. If you dont and the baby keeps crying you end up with heaps of insults from onlookers and you are suspected of stealing the baby. The culture in Ghana frowns on exposing the body in public even the cleavage, but then exposing the breast for baby feeding purposes is highly encouraged.

If your baby cries and you don't breast feed your baby people draw the conclusion that the baby is not yours. I would encourage every woman to breast feed her child as this bonds them together. That is the belief of we ghanaians.

Elsie In Ghana bottlefeeding is for orphans, babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk, upper class wannabes and expatriates. Ghanaian women breastfeed - everywhere and anywhere. The poor ones just whip it out, let it show. The rich ones have special tops made so its not ALL hanging out.

Growing up I used to watch my neighbour breastfeed her baby - all the kids would gather and stare in astonishment There are very high levels of decency and even tight pants are frowned upon.

But you baby's gotta eat! Breastfeeding ALL the way. Kuukua I grew up in Ghana, West Africa and saw women breastfeeding all the time - my teachers in school, women at church, traders at the market, neighbours - and they did so without cover and without shame.

Ghana is a very conservative country, low-cut tops are frowned upon, but breastfeeding is okay, its actually encouraged. Kenya In my country, breastfeeding is normal. In fact, a woman who doesn't breastfeed is frowned upon. The only women who don't breastfeed are usually under strict doctors orders. Breastfeeding in public is normal. I have been raised around this and seen many women whip out a boob in public without a cover up and no one gives a second thought to it.

Breasts, especially of a nursing mother, are not regarded as sexual. My entire family has been nursed. I was breastfed by mother till I was 2 years old and my aunt breastfed her baby till she was one year old.

Breastfeeding in public is not an issue. I have seen mums do it in public buses and in public places. If baby cries they just whip it out, although they cover with a baby blanket. In rural areas, most often they don't care.

It's something everybody is used to, they just whip it out regardless of how many people are might see them. Respect to all breastfeeding mums. That's the way to go. Keep your kids healthy and smart. If you wanna know the difference between breastfed and formula fed, just look around any town in America, they have group homes or special homes with kids with emotional problems and very low IQ, they trade this for their boobs!!! Breastfeeding or not, boobs naturally sag due to increased size and number of milk ducts due to pregnancy.

Monrovia From my childhood, I been seeing women breastfeeding their babies anywhere. In Liberia people don't have problem with babies mother breastfeeding their kids anywhere in public. Our babies Mother don't have problem of breastfeeding their in public, they feel proud of themself been a mother.

I am Evangelist of the Good news of the Kingdom of God, For me at least babies mother should breastfeed their babies somewhere secret, etc. Libya Breast feeding in Libya is very common, like in other African countries it is encouraged and expected even for working mothers. In public where women only then yes, you can see mothers feeding their child, however if in mixed areas then it is frowned upon. I have only come across one lady feeding in public, however baby was covered with her long scarf, thus enabling her to feed her child and keep herself modest.

A few of my friends have turned to breast pumps, so that that baby can be fed if she is not at home or in public, however it is not a widespread thing, and also owing to the hot climate in Libya it is not really practical. Madagascar Im from Madagascar and I live in Switzerland since 10 years. People in Madagascar are very shy and you rarely see a Malagasy girl with topless on the beach, only the tourist.

But breastfeeding in public is normal because the baby can eat everywhere like us, we can eat sandwich and big Mac everywhere, why babies must wait or must drink with bottle in public. And we the mother doesnt have excuse anymore because now, there are special shirt for breastfeeding, you just can see the baby and the mother, nothing else I think its stupid to say that its embarrassing, now we see so many nudes everywhere.

The question is that its important for the baby and the mother to be quiet during breastfeed. Morocco I spent six months in Morocco. My first exposure to BF was on a train. A young woman who sat near enough for me touch suddenly put a crying infant to breast. She seemed totally unconcerned about me as she nursed and happily cooed to him. I was later to see BF most everywhere I went; these nursing Arab moms were some of the happiest women I think I have ever seen.

I do not deny being fascinated my the female breast as a sexual object. Yet I find the female breast equally fascinating as a nurturer. I've read much about the relatinship of mothers and infants and find the breast often as a primary part of the maternal-infant bond.

I just do not understand why a process of millenia should be abandoned in a few decades. My studies and my sojourn in the Arab world have made me an extreme proponent of BF. To all you nursing moms out there may you be welcomed wherever you go. Nigeria Breast feeding is not a problem in Nigeria at all, but getting mothers to do it the right way is the problem. Up till now some people still have challenges with the issue of not giving water and herbs at all during the first 6 months.

In every culture in Nigeria every mother is expected to breastfeed her child except for some serious reasons. In fact, in some societies, even neonates who lost their mothers during birth are usually breast fed by relations who re-lactate to do so, some are even breastfed by their grand mothers. The mothers, especially the uneducated can breastfeed anytime and anywhere even in the public buses. Some even breastfeed while working on the farms, for example while planting crops and baby who is trapped to the back is hungry, what the mother does is shift the baby to the side, still strapped to the mother, she brings out the breast, then sticks it in the baby's mouth and continues her planting.

The educated usually try to stay secluded places to breastfeed. In this country, people expect to see a woman pregnant as soon as she gets married and when it doest not happen, there is usually anxiety and pressure on the couple particularly the woman. When such a woman eventually gets pregnant she will always do what she was told to do in the hospital in order to keep her baby alive.

Rebecca Yero In Nigeria breastfeeding is encouraged for the first 2 years of life and exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. However among a lot of the working middle class, they supplement with formula or choose not to breastfeed either due to work or ignorance. In my mum's generation it was considered "local" rural to breastfeed and enlightened town folk usually bottlefeed their babies. Sadly some people still feel the same way. It's is perfectly normal to see a woman breastfeeding anywhere anytime, however depending on the environment discrete breastfeeding may be necessary.

For example at a wedding, church or in the office people you would cover your breast while breastfeeding or wear something that would not reveal your breast to maintain some level of modesty. People don't usually whip out their boobs esp. Your website is great. Chioma Generally, breastfeeding is the only culturally acceptable mode of feeding babies in Africa and specifically in Nigeria for the first two years of life. The belief of Africans specifically the Yorubas is that breastfeeding is an ingredient of promotion of closeness to mothers and a concept of bringing the mother and child closer to one another.

Unfortunatelly, the sound and nutritionally unique concept was discarded secondary to acculturational influence of western education and introduction of feeding formular. In Rwanda, breastfeeding in public was socially acceptable. Women with breast problems, lesions on the breast etc.

Women breastfed while begging. Women even breastfed in church mass in Rwanda is regularly hours long! I found it hard not to stare just cuz I'm not used to it, but that's ok cuz they were also all staring at me too cuz I'm white heehee. In Rwanda though, I don't think that the reasons for public breastfeeding being ok or for health reasons. I got the impression that breasts are generally just not considered sexual there-- legs are.

You can't wear shorts there-- no skirts above knee-length. I once spoke with a woman who used to be a nun and she said that it's ok for a man to touch your breasts when you're not married.

You'd better believe no American ex-nun would say that! Banadir Breast feeding in my country, it depends who's feeding. If it's a young lady like a first give born they feel shy, but old mamas they don't care to feed their baby in the bublic anywhere and nobody interested.

Tanzania I just spent two years in Tanzania, Africa, and I never saw a baby suck a bottle during the time I was there. Very few stores carried baby bottles. Due to poverty, most Africans can not afford imported, canned, expensive baby milk. Imported products cost times more than normal price.

If an African mother goes dry, she gives the baby goat milk or finds a nurse maid. Uganda A number of women especially in rural areas breastfeed in the public and do not feed their babies on formula milk. The working mothers in the urban areas breastfeed for a short time and give their babies formula as they have to go to work.

They both face challenges bf in public because people do not see it as polite. As a breastfeeding mother and a promote, supporter and protector of breastfeeding I know my rights and I dont mind breastfeeding at any point as long as my baby wants to eat because I know no one can feed under a blanket so I dont even cover my baby because I know what magic breastmilk has not only to my baby , ma but the community too.

Can you help me do advocacy as far as breastfeeding is concerned and fing me funding to my breastfeeding project where advocacy is a component? Many women feer public attitiude because its not seen appropriate jeopadising their babies health and others do not know the value of breastfeeding JOSEPHINE In Uganda,it is very normal to breastfeed in public. In fact, if a mother's baby cries in a public place, everyone requests them to breast feed the child. People don't mind anyone breast feeding in public although nursing mothers over expose their breasts because no one minds.

Zambia In Zambia, I grew up seeing women feeding their childred everywhere. Formulars are only used in cases where the mother is not there for some reason. Society ecourages women to breast feed and is cofortable with it. There are no known topless beaches or things of that sort chanda.

I'm Zimbabwean and stay in Zimbabwe. Breastfeeding in here is as normal as the rising of the sun. A woman can breastfeed her baby anywhere, just as long as baby is hungry she will just whip it out. It all depends though on the kind of woman you are i. Some prefer to cover up and some don't. Either way is acceptable in society and you will never get discriminated for it.

Bottle feeding is common too but only as supplement when mommy is not making enough milk or told otherwise by a doctor due to medical reasons. So generally breastfeeding is the norm anywhere mommy and baby may be. Khayelihle I am originally from Zimbabwe but now live in the UK.

For the last ten years I have been here, I have only ever come across a woman feeding in the women's toilets!! In my country breastfeeding in public is a norm, infact if your baby is crying and you don't give him the breast you are frowned upon or told off by people!!

Africa no designation The person who wrote this comment does not necessarily live in Africa anymore Thank you for promoting breasts as organs for nourishment. I was trying to wean my 4 month baby, but she won't give up easily, so after reading about breasts, I'm going to continue breastfeeding her until she weans herself.

I feel bad about not breastfeeding my 4 yr old daughter longer than 3 months. I was misinformed about formula and breastfeeding. I come from Africa, and there's no issue about mothers breastfeeding their babies in public or anywhere they want. When it's a baby breastfeeding, people don't look at the breast as a sexual thing. If one makes a comment about it, they will definitely get into a verbal fight with the mother, besides only the rich can afford formula.

The babies move to the sway of their mothers' hips, synchronized throughout the day, bending with them as they collect water or sweep the floor and rising again when the women stop to rest. Africans consider the traditional method of toting their children the only true version of day care. When it's time for feeding, the food is right there as a mother shifts her child to the front of her body, nestling the infant to her breast.

Israel Breastfeeding in Israel is accepted and is promoted La Leche is very active but unfortunately many women wean when they go back to work which is often after three months and switch to formula sometimes with very sad consequences; a while ago there was a scandal with a formula called Remedia whose composition got changed by mistake and it lacked Vitamin B1.

Some babies died and some infants sustained profound neurological damage. It was a very big scandal. Judging from the women I know and the WHO only few women nurse past 6 months and formula is big business there and very affordable. Patricia Here in Israel, breastfeeding truly is the only way to go - early on. There is a HUGE market in formulas though, and most kids go through a formula phase after weaning from the breasts. My next door neighbor's 20 month old still drinks some formula from a sippy-cup and the mother gives the remainder to the neighborhood cats.

I have never seen what you mentioned about covering up with cloth diapers here Jerusalem, Israel In Israel breastfeeding is heavily supported and promoted by hospitals, paediatricians and the general community, and rates are very high. Many women breastfeed in restaurants and cafes, at the mall, or anywhere where their baby might be hungry.

Some women like to place a cloth diaper over themselves while latching on, others just slip the child under their shirt quietly.

In general people are supportive. It seems that countries that are more open and relaxed about bodies and sexuality are less worried about the "exposure" that might take place. Jordan It's widely acceptable for a mother to breast feed on need anywhere in Jordan.

Bare breastfeeding in family setting even in front of nursing woman's father, uncles, or brothers is acceptable yet bare breast feeding in public as in many parts of the world is considered an act of indecent exposure.

I do believe that all hospitals, work places, malls, supermarkets and all public places should have a nursing station or private room where a mother can exercise the the baby's right to be breast fed. My wife, bless her, is too shy and is a decent person. So to overcome the social embarrassment she bought a custom made cover to enable her to breast feed anywhere, even in buses and airplanes.

Breast feeding is a God given bless for nursing mother and a heavenly gift for babies. Everything should be done to enable caring mothers to express their full motherhood. Breasfeeding Is very common and normal there. Most mothers breast feed their kids in public with out being bothered by others. They are very supportive about nuriting their babies and feeding them any time they are hungry.

People give you different looks and stare at you while you need your privacy. Saudi-Arabia I am an Indian. I was travelling to Dubai on a flight.

My baby was breastfed that time. My wife was hesitant, but upon seeing the baby crying she started to breast feeding. I covered her and the baby with a news paper. The guy on the other row was staring like an animal. I wondered how this reckless person is staring at a woman who is feeding the baby? I was very angry and at the peak of losing control, I wanted to punch him.

But keeping control of me, I just wondered if some one stares at his wife's breasts when feeding the baby, what would be his reaction?

These guys have to grow up! Jeddah If woman feed her baby and the peoples are seeing her, of course they like to see her breast more and more and may be they come hot and like to do sex with that lady who is feeding. And I think it is not good that any lady feed her babies in public places. If she want yes, she can move to the place where no one can see her. Its prohibted here and ladies are very shy to do that but some of them breastfeed in closed areas but they cover breast Ameer. Iran I am Iranian.

Even though women are forced to wear head covering in public, I have seen many woman on even crowded public transport breast feeding. Granted it is more common with older and poorer women.

The very young and trendy don't do it as much in public. In small villages and towns people breast feed very where in public and it is considered not a sexual act. Similarly women breast feed in front of their family members and friends openly. Tamils are consider mother who feed infant as goddess and they respect those. Breast feeding [is] considered as healthy and religious importance for us.

Breast in myths and religion considered as symbol of fertility and bounty Ranjini In Sri Lanka, mothers of infants aren't ashamed to breastfeed their hungry babies just because they are in public. I've seen mothers feeding their babies in buses but making sure that their breasts aren't unnecessarily showing. I personally find the breasts of a woman as a beautiful and bountiful part of hers - be it of sexual or nutritional value. But the breastfeeding mother only incurs feelings of love and joy for both infant and mother and even the people around her.

I also personally feel this issue is not something to discuss because be it public or at home, your infant's hungry when it's hungry! And a mother would and should give nothing but the best to fill the baby up! And what could be better than love-turned-milk?! All women should breastfeed their infants. A baby's nutrition and love is way more important than beauty or work! Western Province Sri Lanka is quite a conservative place by Western standards though we are quite liberal by Asian standards.

Women do not go topless at the beach, but they have absolutely no hesitation about breastfeeding in public. You can see mother's breastfeeding their babies on buses, parks, government offices and almost every other public place you could think of. There was a major campaign to encourage women to breastfeed in public, and one actress, who has never done a nude scene in films, bared her breasts for free for the public service advertisements.

My mom told me that when she was young she was breastfeeding me at a Zoo, and some Westerners ogled at her. Sri Lankan men will ogle at women much more than western ones, but never at nursing mothers. Breastfeeding is considered something sacred and natural, and I hope it remains that way in my country for generations to come. Bangladesh In Bangladesh breastfeeding in public places is common, especially among poor mothers. Mothers breastfeed whenever the babies cry for food, but they prefer covering the breasts if they are in buses, trains.

Still, many mothers bottlefeed their babies, especially upper class mothers. Government, NGOs encourage exclusive breastfeeding for first six months. Kabul Breastfeeding is a common practice among Afghan Mothers, but as we are muslims and covering all parts of body is from Islam. Also we have a problem that even with one family a mother connot feed her baby in front of male family members.

What we want to have to increase mother day care and feeding centers in public areas where mother is not able to feed her baby in a public area.

Here most of the people behave themselves when they see a mother breastfeeding and of course help them by not showing attention towards them. Of course there are people who stare and pass comments but as a mother we should ignore all those people. My husband used to encourage me to breastfed in public and ask me not to worry even if some part of my breast is visible. So I strongly recommend and support this. But at the same time women in our country are shy to feed the baby in public because it has been noticed that men just try to peep into the privacy of a feeding mother, which makes a lady ashamed of the act.

It's difficult to accept but it's a truth. Utter Pradesh You can not see any women feed their child in public places in India, especially in city areas. They also not used to wear the undergarments also.

Siliguri, West Bengal I grew up in Siliguri and found that breast feeding in public is very common. Mothers do not feel shy to breast feed their babies although in most cases they try to cover a bit with their sarees.

At home though, the are quite comfortable to expose their breasts completely even in front of male members of the family. Punjab In Punjab women are aware about breastfeeding. This is a common in Punjab. Educated and upper class mothers are hesitant breastfeeding in public, therefore they use milk bottle for child. Tamil Nadu Women in this part of India are expected to breastfeed their babies.

All the women in my family have done it for at least a year or two with each baby, if not more. My mother breastfed me for 3 years, alongside my younger brother who she also tandem-nursed with our youngest sister, nursing us for 3, 4, and 3 years respectively. She said she had to get more discreet breastfeeding us in public as we got older as the sight of an older child still being suckled at the breast would draw unwelcome attention from men. Here most of the women breast feed without covering Bihar I am born in India.

Here breast feeding in public is not an issue. Our government promotes breastfeeding because mother's milk for infant enhance his growth and anti-disease capacity.

Here in every corner and roads mothers are feeding breast to their child without any cover. Sometimes it creates problem to younger due to nudity of any younger mom. This is the root of all problems.

So even though Indians are becoming Westernized, but still it has been noticed by me personally that people still respect breastfeeding mothers even in public. Mother is a respected role in India. Gujarat Compared to all other countries, India is a country where you can breastfeed your child in any location. It is a part of culture, highly recommended, supported and easily accepted by people. I have never seen anyone feeding their babies with lot of sophistication and concern.

It is pretty common to nurse babies here. Pediatrists in India would throw the bottle. Here it is necessary to breastfeed the child for at least 6 months. Whereas in United States I have not observed many mothers feeding their child in public. In India you can feed your child in a car.

You need not park the car or store the milk in bottles. Hence I have taken the decision not to travel to any other countries before 6 months. Thanks for posting all the comments from different countries. Avani Sachdev Breast feeding is acceptable in India. I am 26 and have baby and always breast feed. People are considerate and never felt insecure breast feeding in public. There are some incidents where youngsters may stare but one should not mind it. They are just curious probably and suggest young women should continue breastfeeding as need arise.

I never had any problem breastfeeding my baby among friends, relatives, and in public. I try to cover up where possible but often is not possible so I do breast feed without any cover as baby feels uneasy. People have always been kind to mother feeding baby. Kolkata Breastfeeding in public is very common in Kolkata. I have seen many women breastfeeding their babies in buses, trams, trains and other public places.

Some of them cover but most of them do not. It is not considered a sexual activity here. In the 80's because of marketing tactics of child feed companies, breast feeding was on decline, but now it is back in full form. The Indian saree is designed such that it acts as a perfect dress for breast feeding.

Mothers do not need a shawl or special garments to breastfeed. I have seen my mother breastfeeding my brother 14 years younger to me and a cousin sister brestdfeeding her son. In public where outside males are present, they would feed under their saree, not exposing anything at all, but at home they usually had the whole breast out and uncovered.

Breastfeeding is common in India. However, it differs from region to region, and person to person. In Meghalaya, breastfeeding is essential and mothers of all ages do it in public without any inhibitions- Be it a family gathering, parties or doing their daily chores.

In Mumbai, with the exception of the slum dwellers or the poor, I rarely see mothers breastfeed their babies in public especially if you are from a middle class or higher background; or working and educated mothers. Sadly, mothers have become busier and too sophisticated to breastfeed a baby!

This trend follows right back to their homes where breastfeeding is done discreetly, behind closed doors. Pavement dwellers don't have much privacy anyway and many of the women don't cover up. Somehow, a new mother's breasts are not sexualised, in fact a feeding mother is respected. No one seems to mind, not even the usually leery men. Especially poorer mothers are quite oblivious to stares. There will be a baby hanging from her nipple and she will be stirring dinner.

It is only the upper class westernised women that are a little uncomfortable. They will carry their milk in bottles or cover up and be very discreet. But traditionally, its not a taboo at all. Kerala Breast feeding is indeed common in India. Women on an average breast feed for at least 6 months, most continuing to do it till the baby is at least a year old.

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